We are ready for 2012!

 Many blessings are descending our entire solar system.  This is quite special and we are all feeling the effects of earthly transformation.

Nature has bestowed us healing medicine to cope with this huge transformation via its flowers essences of Namasté Santuario. As you may know, flower essences hold the imprint of a flower and its healing qualities. I have been led to create Glory B Flower Essences from a large variety of plants grown organically from this setting.   So when you obtain a bottle of Glory B Flower Essences, you have in your hands the special plant vibration that happens here at Namasté Santuario.   These you can find on my website glorybessences.com 

 The time has come for all of us to enjoy health and witness peace on earth.  I know that this garden and its flower essences can help us move towards that.

 I also believe that great opportunities for all of us to leap forward as spiritual loving beings are going to happen shortly.  So in the meantime focus on the planet’s beauty and the increased loving kindness among mankind. Nurture yourself and others!

 It’s now time for humans to realize our capacities in co-creating a beautiful world. What we do on this planet also affects other places in our solar system. 

 We are being blessed in ways we don’t realize and life is good….realize how lucky we are to be alive at this moment!

                                                                        With love,  Glorianna

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