Living in a nature sanctuary……

I have been blessed with the job of creating a nature sanctuary here in Santa Barbara , California. Over time I’ve experienced much beauty and special moments with plants, animals, insects, soil, weather and especially birds.  I will be sharing with you a variety of these wonderful experiences thru this blog. I believe that what I witness is truely the big picture of what’s happening on the planet.  An interesting contrast of what you hear in the news!

We have often heard that Nature provides for us, all that we need…She seems to be ahead of the game!  It has always been the tradition that when someone was ill the mother would go out and pray to Spirit asking for guidance as how to heal her family.  She would fervently pray and ask what could she use from her garden, the forest or the sea as a cure.  These women (and their ancestors) had developed a close relationship with Nature.  They expected that their requests would be heard and that they would receive assistance.  This was the case throughout the world and in some places it still is.

Glorianna Buynak

Believing that we can learn to access wisdom, I asked to receive information in regards to what we need nowadays. Starting in 1993, I asked the angels how to create healing gardens to provide remedies we currently need. The guidance I’ve received over these years led me to create Glory B Flower Essences. These flower essences are effective and spectacular, a true gift from Spirit!

All of the Glory B flower essences have been made only from the organic plants grown here at Namasté Santuario. Every step along the way I asked to be shown which plants to plant and where they should be planted.  My continuous intention is that we be given remedies from the garden and that the garden radiate positive energy for the world.

With gratitude, prayer and respect I have learned how to blend flower essences.  A wonderful alchemy comes from combining these components. Glory B Flower Essence blends contain a connection with the entire nature sanctuary at Namasté Santuario. The sum is indeed greater than the parts.

In keeping with the aim of respecting nature I have made sure that Glory B Flower Essences are certified organic.  In order to qualify for this documentation the land and our growing practices are inspected yearly.  In addition to this, all of the ingredients that are added to Glory B Flower Essences, such as alcohol or vinegar, are also certified organic.

  Wishing you the very best of health and vitality!

                                   Glorianna Buynak

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