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Ready, Set, Go! for Bicyclists

Flower Essences for Bike RacersA special set of Glory B Flower Essences for bicyclists racing.
Receive emotional support for your strenuous bicycling!!

Here’s a special combination of 3 Glory B Flower Essences for you to use just before your race or during vigorous group practices.

•I Understand
•Ready for Today

It’s easy to use ….Simply put a drop from each of these essences on your heart and say “I’m ready to go and I’m protected!”

“Being a mom of a category 2 bicyclist I have seen how imperative it is for a racing bicyclist to be emotionally prepared as they start a race. They need to have their mind and all of their senses in sync. These especially chosen Glory B Flower Essences will help you to be centered throughout the race. Good luck!” Glorianna

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