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Flying Falcon…the Logo of Glory B Flower Essences

This is a time of great transformation! What has been our perception of how the world operates has been turned upside down. Unusual weather patterns, economic instability, revolutions are all in our faces daily.

Yet, our hearts have expanded with love and compassion. Communication and information can be instant. The natural radiance of our planet is growing more quickly than we realize. Beauty is apparent throughout our natural settings.

Yes, the ice caps are melting. And yes, there are new and spectacular species emerging simultaneously. Nature keeps re-inventing herself according to what is needed to sustain our planet, ourselves!

Thank goodness for the new help that is arriving! I chose/was lead to have the falcon as my logo for This represents the fast assistance arriving around the world, bringing the support we currently need. The Spirit of the Falcon has keen vision for noticing what is available right here and right now.

The falcon has been a personal animal ally of mine for a long time. It brings protection with speed (The Peregrine Falcon has been reported to reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour during vertical dives. It is the fastest animal on earth.)

Throughout history falcons have befriended humans. Falconers learned how to work with these birds (especially in forests and desert) to the point that falcons would quickly hunt to provide for their human allies.

The falcon has been my constant guide directing me to discover what we currently can use from the forest and gardens here at Namaste Santuario. Glory B Flower Essences hold the vibrational patterns that we need to rebalance ourselves. The new times that we are living through makes it imperative that we boost ourselves on all levels.

I am so grateful for the special assistance I’ve received from THE FALCON! Again it has quickly provided the guidance for the sustenance we need to survive.

I am indebted and honored! Glorianna Buynak