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As Above, So Below

At this time whatever we can do to alleviate terrestrial stress and bring greater peace and harmony to this planet is information gratefully received. On Thursday March 17th we were guided to choose six flower essences, three to represent universal energies and three to represent terrestrial energies. These were to be placed upon a map of the Universe at specific places which in the end connected to fire above and earth, air and water below.

As we pondered a place to perform this ceremony, we came upon a hummingbird hunkered down in the wood chips of the path we were on. At first it seemed to be injured as it did not fly away even when we got within a foot of its resting spot. At least, we wanted to place it somewhere in the shade so that it might recuperate comfortably. One step closer however and the hummingbird flew off in perfect health. What an extraordinary experience. In the end it was determined that this was no ordinary hummingbird. It had guided us to the perfect spot to place the map with flower essences and to observe the outcome of the instructions we had received.

There was another step to be performed however before the set up was complete. It was to add three red BioGenesis Rings  to the map in a triangle around the six flower essence bottles. Now we had an equilateral triangle containing the Star of David. The Fire of Creation working with the 3 other elements, water, air and earth to establish balance in spite of the enormous changes our planet is experiencing. This configuration creates a three dimensional Star of David, a container for solar energy that affects the earth’s core and hence excess terrestrial activity.

Once again we are grateful to those who guide us and provide us with alternative ways to work with the challenges we are faced with at this time. This with our flower essences and other tools such as BioGenesis give us an opportunity to create positive change based on current parameters. We can all contribute in positive ways! Please see our website for ordering those items we have mentioned in this ceremony. Allow your intuition to guide you. Thank you.

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